About us

Our mission

Galicia Business Center is a firm designed to operate in the same direction with our partners in a win & win strategy. We rely on strong values, including diversity, respect for the environment, and strong corporate social responsibility.

We adopt an independent agenda of institutional partners who join our expertise and experience in the development of business and company ideas in the long term.

We provide innovative and intelligent business solutions in a constantly changing world. Our mission is to create positive and lasting change by addressing social challenges, continually evaluating and updating new environments and habitats in which to undertake.

For this, at our headquarters you have at your fingertips all the services that your company needs to progress and face the new challenges that are yet to come.

    Our markets

    We connect markets, we connect companies. We are located in the center of an area of more than 5 million inhabitants between Galicia and the North of Portugal. Two minutes walk from the largest land communications hub in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

    If you want to have a headquarters in Vigo, surrounded by a proactive and dynamic business environment, Galicia Business Center is the center of your business.

      Our values

      Galicia Business Center we are a business center committed to doing even much more, working on related aspects such as our CO2 footprint, the "paperless" office, sustainability and the commitment to social return, collaborating with different foundations and NGOs

      We also actively collaborate with culture, sponsoring cross-border cultural events and various groups of artists from Galicia and Portugal.

      Our values transcend our businesses and themselves stage a new business model with long-term relationships and commitments to the society in which they are developed.

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