Risk management

New scenarios and new challenges in a new world order. From climate change to cyber-risk, the business environment faces novel risks that jeopardize its viability

Our team of risk assessment specialists will develop a program suitable for your business and for the protection of your business assets and something fundamental such as your personal environment

We have consultants with more than 20 years of experience


    We support your international expansion through specialists in international markets and institutional collaborators in China and Latin America


      Undertake the digital transformation of your environment and walk towards a new "smart company"

      New business models, digital partners. Reduce digital complexity and compete in agile and changing environments

        Corporate finance and strategy

        COVID-Exit strategies rightly chosen to optimize all your business resources

        We seek stability with agile ALL-IN strategies that develop the full potential of your business, generating and marking interdependencies, marking the steps to follow in the growth of the financial muscle of your business

          Idea Accelerator

          We contact international and national investors, both institutional and private, to get the necessary momentum to scale your idea to a viable and profitable business

          We promote talent and value ideas. Enter our "Startup" space and we will grow together

            Marketing and sales

            Experts in sales and productivity: branding, SEO, "guerrilla" marketing...

            All the tools to grow in image, brand recognition and sales

              Institutional Helix

              We can help you? Do not hesitate to ask us